60% Increase in AdSense Revenue with Ezoic

My Ezoic Review After 1 Month – Using AI to Increase Ad Revenue

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Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to increase ad earnings by automatically testing different ad types across your site. In this Ezoic review, I will outline my own experience after one month on the platform.

Ezoic Review – The Invitation

Ezoic Review - Increase Ad Revenue with machine learning

About a year ago I started receiving emails from Ezoic representatives saying they could increase the ad revenue on two of my sites. Sceptical of their claims and too busy with other jobs at the time, I ignored their emails and eventually forgot about it.

A year later they emailed me again with another invitation to join their platform. It was around the same time I was browsing a competitor’s site and noticed they had Ezoic logos under their ad slots, so I decided to do some more research on the company and their claims.

Ezoic’s Claims

The first email I received from Ezoic said they could boost my ad revenue by 60%.

I am reaching out to you about Ezoic (Google Certified Publisher) where we use machine learning technology to provide ideal ad layouts on a per-user basis. This allows our publishers to see around a 60% lift in their overall revenue while their user experience metrics improve dramatically.

So, they will use robots to magically increase my ad revenue by 60%? It initially sounded very far fetched and too good to be true, and why I initially ignored their emails. But Ezoic were persistent and emailed a few more times.

Ezoic is also free and we don’t require a contract so there are absolutely no tie-ins! If you’re interested in joining over 1,000 other publishers currently working with us, just give me a short reply. Thanks!

I started to read some Ezoic reviews from other bloggers and conversations on Reddit to see what others were saying. All were surprisingly positive and many reiterated Ezoic’s claims:

  • An increase of ad revenue anywhere between 60% and 200%.
  • No contract. You can easily disable Ezoic whenever you want.
  • Helpful support team of Google Certified Publishers with the expertise to maximize your ad revenue.

The Reality

I contacted an Ezoic representative to see if the invitation was still open and within a day I had my account set up and integrated with one of my WordPress sites.

So, has Ezoic managed to increase my ad revenue or not?

Ezoic Review – After One Week

Prior to joining Ezoic, I was earning anywhere between $5 and $10 a day. When I switched to Ezoic on the 20th Feb, I was seeing figures between $10 and $30 consistently. A marked improvement.

Ezoic Review - Increase AdSense Revenue with Ezoic

Ezoic Review – After One Month

Here are the numbers comparing one month of earnings with AdSense and one month with Ezoic. A 68% increase in ad revenue.

AdSense vs Ezoic Earnings Increase Revenue - Ezoic Review

How Does It Work?

Robots! Machine learning algorithms testing different ad locations, sizes and combinations to see which ads people click the most.

Ezoic Machine Learning Ad Testing Ezoic Review

And it improves over time as it learns about your users. Ezoic tailors ads per user, so the longer you have it running on your site, the better it gets. I will be updating this Ezoic review in the coming months to report my findings.

Head over to Ezoic’s website to read about how the technology works, they explain it far better than I can!

Ezoic Review – My Thoughts

Ezoic Review - Raining MoneyThe numbers are undeniable. Revenue is up 68% this month and I plan to continue with the platform for now.

In several other Ezoic reviews I’ve read, users report that their revenue continued to rise after several months. As Ezoic’s machine learning algorithms gather more data about your visitors, their performance improves. I will update this Ezoic review again in a few months to report changes in revenue.

Ezoic’s support team is also very helpful and fast to respond. They were able to walk me through the entire integration process and advise me on ad placement and site layout to maximize revenue.

How to Join Ezoic?

If you have already been contacted by Ezoic and invited to join, you probably already pass all the requirements and can sign up right away.

If you haven’t received an invitation, you can apply to join on their website, but there are some requirements:

  • You must have an AdSense account and ads already served on your site.
  • You must have at least 10,000 monthly visits, and they will want to see your Analytics account for proof.

Ezoic Review - Learn More

Ezoic Review – FAQ

Prior to joining Ezoic and integrating my site, I read a lot of other Ezoic reviews looking for answers to the following questions and concerns I had myself. If you have any questions not answered below, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Is there a contract or any hidden terms?

No. This was one of my main concerns and I made sure read the Ezoic Terms and Conditions thoroughly before signing up. You can always turn Ezoic off temporarily or permanently if you are not happy with the results.

How does the integration work?

You simply wrap your current AdSense ads in a <div> placeholder and then add a piece of script to your <head>. If you are using WordPress, there is a special Ezoic integration plugin that does all the work for you. There is also a Cloudflare integration method, which involves pointing your nameservers to Ezoic and offers faster ad rendering.

How and when do you get paid?

Ezoic pay you via international bank transfer, check or PayPal at the end of each month. They also recommend that you display a small percentage of ads from AdSense so they can run direct comparisons, and you may still receive monthly payments from AdSense as well.

Is it really free?

After your first 30 days trial, Ezoic places a small ad on the bottom of your page, which allows them to earn a small amount of ad revenue from you. You can remove this ad by upgrading to a Premium account starting at $49 p/m, which gives you access to premium CPM advertisers.

Update 2020: I was invited to upgrade to a premium account around 3 months after I joined Ezoic. This has increased my revenue by a further 20%. I will soon update this Ezoic review to report my findings, so watch this space!

Do I have to point my nameservers to Ezoic?

No. There are two main integration methods; one involves placing a script in your <head> (or a WordPress plugin) and the other involves pointing your nameservers to Ezoic. The namservers method caches your site content on Ezoic’s servers, offering faster ad rendering. However, I prefer to keep full control over my own caching and haven’t had any problems using the WordPress plugin method.

Why do they need access to my AdSense account?

You need to link your AdSense account with Ezoic, but you can revoke this permission at any time if you’re not happy with the results. Once linked, Ezoic will automatically pull in the data from AdSense on the traffic going to the non-Ezoic version of your pages, so they can run a direct comparison. It allows them to establish a baseline for improving ad revenue, which in turn speeds up the optimization process.

Why do they need access to my Google Analytics account?

Your site must have least 10,000 monthly visits to join the platform and Ezoic will need to see proof of that in your Analytics account. You can always revoke the permissions later.

Ezoic Review – Conclusion

Hopefully this Ezoic review will allay any concerns you had about joining the platform. I was initially very sceptical about Ezoic’s claims and was wary about doing any sort integration with them, but the results are promising and a 68% increase in revenue is game-changing for me. I have two more sites that I want to integrate so another Ezoic review shall be forthcoming.

For more in-depth information about Ezoic’s platform and how it all works, head over to their website.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below. 🙂

Let me know in the comments if this helped. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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24 replies

Those are some nice results with Ezoic! Worked great for me on my own network of sites & we’ve published our own case study.


Thanks for the info, can you please after integration when they will they themselve to get access to GA and how much time it take to review and approve the site? Please answer quickly.


hey there, your blog looks pretty awesome. keep that up.
I’ve got a doubt. I’ve set up ezoic but haven’t created any placeholders. will ezoic place their ads on my website even if i didn’t create any placeholders?
i hope you’ll leave a reply.

If you’re on WordPress, download the Ezoic plugin. You should also contact your account manager and they will check your site to see if it’s set up correctly.

Please I want your mentorship on online business. Just discovered your site recently in my search for kali live persistent.
But I can see you are just too good in online stuff.
I have tried and failed many times but still optimistic, pls .be my mentor. Thanks

Hi. What integration method are you using? I’m using Ezoic Nameserver integration and I’m having page speed issue and I have tried all I could to improve the speed but all I did were not helping. I’m thinking of trying the plugin method.

I’m using the WordPress plugin method, which works fine for me, though Ezoic say the Cloudflare integration will give the best page speed.

Hello, im on ezoic platform, and when i want to add the head code for taboola feed is not appear, is look the head section is replaced from ezoic, can you tell me if someone know how to do that…

It really depends on the subject matter of your site. For example, a technology how-to site like DevAnswers has an EPMV of $13 (earnings per thousand visitors), so 400k visitors per month would pull in around $5,200.

However, I have another niche website related to music education that only has an EPMV of $7, so monthly earnings are much lower.

at this time my website get 5-7k uv/day. and use adsense get around $100-$250/day.
ctr 2-3% and cpc $0,4. if i change use ezoic i will get more income or no

It sounds like you’re already doing well on AdSense, a lot better than I was anyway! You can still trial Ezoic to see if it raises your revenue even more, and if it doesn’t you can just go back to AdSense.

It’s good, but I’m thinking to move on to other service, ezoic is joke once it comes with support, waiting now for more than 14 days to get reply is a damn joke! They should get more people to work in support center and it’s obvious that there’s not enough of people working at support.

My rating just because of super lack of support is 3 / 5 .

I’ve been using Ezoic for over a year now and seen over 50% growth in revenue. I get about 400K visits/month. My best advice is TRUST THE EZOIC SYSTEM. It knows better than us. It tests and test thousands of combinations.

If your ads are causing a drop in UX or revenue Ezoic will see this and adjust what it displays accordingly. Just make sure you have many placeholders with lots of sizes. Make sure your mobile placeholders are good too. Have your Ezoic rep check your placeholders for you and tell them to add any more that they see fit. Be patient. It works.

On the first site you tested Ezoic on, can you tell me what type of content you had? Did you turn off any types of ads, such as dating, gambling etc?

Hi, it’s an educational site about a Celtic language, popular with students and teachers. I didn’t turn off any ad types.