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DevAnswers is a collection of guides I’ve written and solutions to problems I’ve come across during web development and Linux sysadmin.

In 2017, I started migrating my clients’ sites over to cloud hosts such as DigitalOcean. This required that I dive head-first into the world of Linux and how to configure web servers. Before I started this blog, I found many of the available Linux guides overly verbose for beginners. Sometimes you just want the commands in a neat, step-by-step format without having to read an essay.

I hope these guides will be useful to all you other devs out there. Any suggestions, drop me a message. You can email me at info (at) devanswers.co and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or 🍊 buy me a smoothie.

9 replies

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  1. Greate work,

    This is really simple and strate to the point. It helped me a lot in setting my server for the first time.

    Please, keep updating this guide as we depend on it.

    1. Thanks , you break it down like a pro. Thanks for helping others. I enjoyed
      every bit of it. Thank you.?